Lindsay Way

I'm a writer, researcher, and strategist.


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In This Together: Reflections From a Pandemic Year

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I'm trained as a qualitative researcher and facilitator. My work is all about helping individuals and organizations tell their stories and build consensus.

Writing and group facilitation are the tools I use to help my clients plan a strategic direction and  propel their work forward with intention. In the past, I've worked with nonprofit organizations, health foundations, and small business owners to:

  • Plan and pull off a national conference

  • Establish a plan for providing technical assistance to their members

  • Build new systems for tracking their program data

  • Teach a professional development course 

  • Create content for various online platforms

  • Create a 5-year strategic plan

  • Write evaluation and research reports

  • Hone presentation skills and conquer fears of public speaking

If you'd like to work together, get in touch. 


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